The Dark Knux Saga

A Guardian gone bad

Slumber Party

The females gather for a good, wholesome time.
Sally and Julie-Su have a little heart to heart (the beginning of a beautiful friendship?)
But things take an uncertain turn...

The Brightest Light

While the girls are enjoying themselves on the surface
Knuckles and the Chaotix find themselves up to their necks in trouble...

Clothes Maketh The Man

A red echidna, some black magic and a darkened attitude?
Not a good combination for anybody.

The Darkest Shadow

The Freedom Fighters discover, to their horror,
just why they lost contact with the Floating Island...

The Harder They Fall

Knuckles takes out Robotnik
while Tails, Julie-Su and Amy Rose meet a stranger who explains just what happened to him...

Trapped At 40,000 Feet

While Knuckles and the Dark Legion wreak havoc on the world below,
those left behind attempt to regain control...

My Island Home

The combined forces of the EST, the dingoes and the Brotherhood
take on the Dark Legionnaires that remain on the Island...

Curiosity Killed The Cat

The Dark Legion, under Knuckles' command, continues their fight for global domination
while what's left of the Freedom Fighters discuss strategies to stop them...


Julie-Su infiltrates the Dark Legion's headquarters in an effort to free her friends...


Knuckles is determined to make amends,
but just how far is he willing to go?

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